Welcome To Dili Film Works

Dili Film Works is based in Timor Leste (East Timor). It produced Timor Leste’s first feature film, the award winning A Guerra da Beatriz (Beatriz’s War). Beatriz’s War, took out the top prize at the 44th International Film Festival of India winning the prestigious Golden Peacock award for ‘Best Film’ competing against fourteen other titles from around the world. It has also screened in cinemas and television in Timor Leste and Australia.  Dili Film Works’ short films, feature film, and documentaries have been screened at film festivals in over twenty countries.

Dili Film Work’s mission is to help create a robust film & television culture in one of the world’s newest nations.  Common stories and myths give a nation a sense of identity.  Timor Leste has many stories but few published in any form. Dili Film Works is committed to telling these stories through film and television, screening them throughout the country, and playing an important role in creating a national identity. In 2011 Dili Film Works opened East Timor’s first cinema since independence and now runs a travelling film festival that tours all of Timor’s districts, bringing film to many communities for the first time.  The understanding that Timorese share a common story is essential to create a sense of nationhood but also for a stable, cohesive, and peaceful future.